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 Garze Attractions

Kangding is located in a valley of the Tibetan Plateau about 210 kilometres west-southwest of Chengdu, the provincial capital, and 100 kilometres west of Ya'an. Kangding is in the perfect location for those are on Lhasa & Chengdu tours due to its location. It is a town populated by significant proportions of both Tibetans and Han, and is part of the historical Tibetan region of Kham. A raging river splits the town, thus the constant sound of water emanates throughout much of the town. 

The town features a sizable town square where young and old alike gather in the early hours of the morning to do Tai Chi, play badminton, or socialise. This square comes alive on the weekends as well, when families tend to populate it. Traditional Tibetan and Sichuanese restaurants are easily found throughout the town. A Tibetan Buddhist monastery sits on the mountains overlooking the town, and is accessible by cable car. As of October 2006, a stone amphitheatre is under construction at the upper monastery. 

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