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Tian Shan

 Kashgar Attractions

Tianshan mountains located in eastern region of Central Asia, across Xinjiang province,the west extends into Kazakhstan.It is included in the World Natural Heritage List in June 2013.

Xinjiang Tianshan has unique physical geographic features.There are many beautiful scenery like spectacular snow and snowy mountains glacier-capped peaks, meadows, clear rivers, undisturbed forests and red bed canyons.

Xinjiang Tianshan have many famous tourist attractions, such as Bogda Peak which snow all year round, Tianchi which the water is from the melting snow and ice, and so on.This is also the habitat of the best medicine "Tianshan snow lotus".

There are many rare birds and animals in the Tianshan Mountains.Peaks, deep forests and grasslands is natural breeding places for a variety of birds and animals.There are many wild animals like Tianshan marmots, argali, snow leopard, Tianshan deer, Tianshan antelope and so on.

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