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 Kunming Attractions

Jiuxiang has over one hundred big and small karst caves with the largest scale and quantity in China. It has the biggest underground hall, Lion Hall, which can holds tens of thousands of people, the largest limestone lake group among all the developed cave spot – Fairy Field, and the most magnificent underground Canyon- Jinghun Gorge.

Jiuxiang, a beautiful large scenic resort inhabited mainly by the Yi and Hui nationalities and is one of the most famous Kunming tourist attractions. Situated in Jiuxiang Township, over 70 kilometres away from Kunming and 47 kilometres away from the county town of Yiliang. With a total area of about 200 square kilometres, it consists of five smaller scenic areas, namely, the Triangular Caves (Sanjiaodong), the Overlapping Rainbow Bridge (Diehongqiao), the Upper Big Cave (Shangdadong), the Long Sandy Bank (Dashaba) and the Bright Moon Lake (Mingyuehu).

Opening Hours: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
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