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Everest Base Camp

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The Everest Base Camp are two base camps: the South Base Camp and the North Base Camp, each on opposite sides of Mount Everest. South Base Camp is in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 metres, while North Base Camp is in Tibet at 5,150 metres.

These camps are rudimentary campsites on Mount Everest that are used by mountain climbers during their ascent and descent. South Base Camp is used when climbing via the southeast ridge, while North Base Camp is used when climbing via the northeast ridge.

We will introduce the part in Chinese territory: North Base Camp. The base camp is built to protect the evironment of Mount Everest. The straight line distance to the peak of Mount Everest is 19KM. There are only two morden toilet in the camp, and no other permanent construction.

April to May in each year is the best time to trek Mount Everest. During that time, many climbers come together here to treking to the peak. Everest is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights and makes an Everest base camp trek the perfect adventure!

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