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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

 Lijiang Attractions

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain also known as Yulong Snow Mountain is located in Yunnan province and is an absolute must see sight for those who visit Lijiang City of Yunnan Province. The mountain is made up of 13 peaks with the mountain range stretching 35 kilometers and the Naxi minority of Lijiang considers the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to be the holy scared mountain.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain park is a beautiful scenic area with its variant temperature across different areas you can experience different views such as the blossom of spring, breathtaking canyons and unbelievable glaciers. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is your one stop location for a spectacular sightseeing trip. 

Yulong Snow Mountain lies between E 100 4’ 2” ~ 100 16’30” and N 7 3’2” ~ 27 18’ 57”, and the scenic area covers 415 km2. With snow covered all the year, the main peak, Shanzidou is at the altitude of 5,596 m. The temperate maritime glaciers on the Asia-Europe Continent which is nearest to the equator shapes here.

Yulong Snow Mountain is called “Olu” in Naxi Language, which means silver rocks. It’s covered with snow all the year around and 13 stretching snow peaks look like a flying dragon, so is called “ Jade Dragon”. And because the mountain lithology is mainly made up of limestone and basalt, it is also called “ Black-White Snow Mountain”. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the avatar of Naxi guardian and god “Sanduo” in Legend, is a holy mountain of Naxi people.

What to do: hiking, photography, sightseeing of glaciers and snow peaks, Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking
Highlights: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Spruce meadow, Baishui River, Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Tiger Leaping Gorge

Travel Information
Facilities: trams, oxygen, ropeway, shops and hostels
Transportation: take public pus from Lijiang downtown
Admission Fee:
Entrance fee: CNY 130;
Impression Lijiang Show: CNY 190;
Protection Fare of the Old Town: CNY 80
Best time to visit: February to June
Recommended days to visit: one day to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain; two days for Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking.

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