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Shuhe Ancient Town

 Lijiang Attractions

Shuhe Ancient Town is one of the earliest habitations of ancient Naxi ethnic group in Lijiang, a well-protected important market town along the Ancient Tea-horse Road, the living specimen which witnessed Naxi ethnic group’s transition from aerial farming civilization to commercial civilization and the market town construction paragon for opening-up and horse caravan.

As an important part of Lijiang Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town was listed as one of the World Culture Heritage in 1997. With an area of about 3 square kilometers, the core protected area has more than 1000 households and over 3000 population. Shuhe Ancient Town was ranked as "Chinese famous charming town & The best environment town for people to live” in 2005. 

Shuhe ancient town has a long history. It had become the distributing center of Naxi foremen in as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, and it is also an important market town still remained complete on the Ancient Tea-horse Road. Prosperous tea and horse trade and the colourful multi-cultures make Naxi people develop harmoniously. The ancient trading road had been brought into use in the Tang Dynasty. It went from the south Yunnan to Lhasa of Tibet via Lijiang. In the history of transportation development during the thousands of years of Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, Shuhe ancient town had been an important posthouse along the ancient trading roas. It had been one of the four big bazaars in Lijiang, and also been called the hometown to the cobblers. Shuhe ancient town has witnessed the history of development of Naxi foremen from the farming civilization to the commercial civilization.

Tourists travelling in Lijiang would generally walk through the Shuhe Ancient Town, and some even choose to stay overnight as an alternative to the bustling Lijiang; Shuhe is on the contrary extremely simpleminded and tranquil. In Shuhe ancient town, you will find the true face of local history, a welcome relief from the so-called "vanity" of Lijiang’s beautiful women and lively nightlife.  

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