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Namjagbarwa Peak

 Linzhidiqu Attractions

Namjagbarwa Peak is the highest mountain in China's Tibet Nyingchi with the altitude of 7782 meters.It is 28th high in the ranks of the world's highest peak.

Namjagbarwa Peak is never easy to show their true colors,hides its huge triangular peak body in snow and mist,so it is also called " Xiunvfeng (shy Goddess Peak)". Namjagbarwa Peak has many meanings in Tibetan language, one for "lightning fire burning", one for "spear piercing the sky ', as well as one for the" Tianshan falling stones. "

Namjagbarwa Peak is a mountain across tropical and boreal region,it is a precious "Museum of Natural History."At the same time,it’s a big challenge to the mountaineer.

The mountain has three main ridges: the northwest ridge, the northeast ridge and south ridge.The mountain has develop dozens of valley glaciers and a relatively flat top covered with snow all year round. Most glaciers in the region belong to the marine-type glaciers,moving fast and affected by temperature and rainfall.With steep terrain,the avalanches is frequent.

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