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Hiking Longji Terrace Field

 Longsheng Attractions

Bulit in the Yuan Dynasty, completed in the early Qing Dynasty, Longji Terraced Fields has a history of 700 years.For the geographical terms of the surrounding mountains around Dragon Mountain is like a Dragon, people generations are living on the dragon's back,so it’s called Longji Terraced Fields.

Located in the scenic village of Longsheng Heping Township Longji village, Pingan village and Dazhai village, Longji Terraced Fields Area is only 78 kilometers from Guilin, covering an area of 66 square kilometers.

Longji Terraced Fields is composed by Pingan Zhuang terraces and Jinkeng Hongyao terraces.They have different features,but both are rich and diverse with ethnic cultures. Although terraces are everywhere in southern, but one large like Longji Terraced Fields is very rare.

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