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Macau Mosque

 Macau Attractions

Macau Mosque is situated at a very pleasant and historical place of Macau facing the reservoir, Macau ferry pier and helipad. It is believed that the mosque is perfect for Macau sightseeing, the mosque was built by Muslims that came with the Portuguese army. Originally these Muslims were recruited from sub-continent (Goa, Bombay, Karachi and northern part of present Pakistan) by the Portuguese army.  Present building was built in early 1980s.

Adjacent Cemetery is another historical place. There are few Parsi graves and Muslims of various origin are buried there. These graves are the proof of Macau‘s being a diverse and multicultural society for many centuries. Some graves are over hundred years old. Graveyard at the Macau Mosque is the proof of the Islamic link to Macau history.

Address: Ramal Dos Moros, Macau Special Administrative Region, Macau , MACAU
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