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Pou Tai Un

 Macau Attractions

Pou Tai Un is one of the three ancient temples in Macau and it is also the largest and most distinctive temple in Macau. The temple was built during the Ming Dynasty and has a history of 370 years.

Pou Tai Un is nestled to the slope of Taipa Pequena Hill, which bestows it with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. The temple is also built to be magnificent. With soaring yellow-tiled roofs and elegant status of Kun Iam on a marble-columned terrace, the Pou Tai Un has a fancy main hall with main hall and central pavilions with sculptures, fish ponds, banyan trees and garden.

The main hall has the ambience of solemnity and has three giant Buddha statues. There is a garden located at the backyard of the temple where tourists can enjoy some casual time with the beautiful scenery.

In the Pou Tai Un, there is a vegetarian restaurant which uses fresh vegetables planted on the temple vegetable garden. Tourists can enjoy some fresh vegetarian food after visiting the temple.

Address: East Lou Lim Yeock 2, Taipa Island

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