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Qiao Family Courtyard

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Qiao Family Courtyard (乔家大院)

Qiao Family Courtyard is located in Qiaojiabao village of Qi County, which is 54 kilometers from Taiyuan. It stands north building style in Qing Dynasty. The Courtyard of Family Qiao was built in the late 1700s by the then influential Qiao family. The attraction is a well known tourist attraction that must be visited for thosetravelling to Taiyuan. 

Entering into the gate of the courtyard, first, you will see an 80-meter-long straight stone pavement that divides 6 courtyards into a northern and southern row. There are slope protections between the pavements and nearby walls.

The Qiao family's ancestral temple is at the end of the western side, which directly faces the gate. There are 4 main buildings and 6 other structures, such as a gate pavilion and the Geng and Tiao pavilions. The sidewalks on the roof of every yard are connected to allow for patrol.

The entire courtyard house covers an area of 4,175 square meters and consists of 6 main courtyards and 20 smaller ones, with 313 rooms altogether. Looking from the pavilion on the southwest corner is a great way to have a bird's-eye view of the entire complex. Beyond the gate is a wall on which is carved Chinese characters, evoking the theme of longevity. Various kinds of red lanterns hanged in courtyards, and the carving on the roof is very delicate. It has been featured in many famous Chinese movies and TV series. 

Yards contain smaller yards as well as gardens. The doors, windows, eaves, stone stairs, quadrangular railings, and the Chuanxin, Pianxin, and Jiaodao yard are all beautifully shaped. You can see brick carvings everywhere in the yards: backbone carving, wall carving, and railing carving, all of which are based on figures, allusions, flowers and plants, birds, beast, chess, and painting and calligraphy. The carving designs are so exquisite and their workmanship, so fine, fully showing the special style of residential building in the Qing Dynasty.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Qiaojiabao Village Scenic Area, Dongguan Town, Jingzhong, Qi County, Shanxi Province

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Geng and Tiao Pavilions, Qiao Family Ancestral Hall

Shanhaiguan Great Wall 

Travel Information

Opening Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Admission: 40 Yuan

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

1. Try to avoid visiting Qiao Family Courtyard during Golden Week and summer holidays where the crowds and number of visitors will be substantially higher than usual.


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