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Qinghai Lake

 Qinghai Attractions

Qinghai Lake, also called as "Kukuzhuoer",means "blue sea" in Mongolian.Located in the northeastern of Qinghai basin,it is China's largest inland lake and also China's largest saltwater lake.The lake is 105 km long, 63 km wide, perimeter 360 kilometers, covering an area of 4583 square kilometers, 459.76 square kilometers large than the China's largest freshwater lake.Maximum depth of the lake is 38 meters with catchment area is about 29,661 square kilometers and the elevation of 3196 m.

There are five islands in the lake,Haixin mountain is one of the largest.Located in the west of the lake, Bird Island cover an area of 0.11 square kilometers,there are many bar-headed geese, fish, gulls, brown-headed gulls, cormorants and other birds which are as many as the number of just over 100,000.

May and June are the best times to see the birds. There are many famous scenic spots in Qinghai Lake, and Haixin Shan (Hill of the Sea Heart) is one of them.

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