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Red Hill Park

 Urumqi Attractions

Red hill is on the east coast of Urumqi River,like a lying dragon. It stands magnificently at the center of Urumqi City.Redhill is named for its reddish brown color. And at sunrise and sunset, the hill looks red as it reflects the red light from the sun, so it was named the Red Hill.

The mountain is 1.5 km at length, 1 km wide, , the highest point of elevation of 1391 meters, the relative height of about 400 meters.It’s a famous mountain in Urumqi.

The top of the hill looks like a tiger and the rock is red, so the hill is also called “Tiger Head Hill”, “Red Counterfort”. On the opposite side less than 1 km away from the Red Hill is Yamalik Hill (Monster Hill). On a side of the Red Hill stretches Urumqi River from south to north.

After many years of development, the Red Hill has become “Red Hill Park” with a grand view of Urumqi. The statue of Lin Zexu, a national hero of the Qing Dynasty, was established in the park recently. The Far-Viewing Pavilion on top of the Red Hill offers a birds-eye-view of the city of Urumqi.

After 1779, the local officials have been built "Jade Emperor" on top of the Red Hill and "Big Buddha", "Compass Palace”on the foot of the mountain.There are Redhill temple fair in Lunar April,the temple fair crowed every year.

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