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Former Jewish Club

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Former Jewish Club is located in No. 702-722, Nanjing West Road, covering an area of 1,800 square meters. And built in 1911, now it’s the headquarter of Chunlan Group Corporation. In the very first place, this is the private residence of Mr. Ye Yiquan, the son of Mr. Ye Chengzhong, who is the tycoon and patriot in Shanghai.

The Former Jewish Club is a typical European Renaissance style building, dignified and elegant in appearance, flat and rectangular in shape, Low slope roof is hipped with red flat tile.

Jewish club is an important organization for?Jewish?to undertake activities. Once a certain number of?Jewish?moved to another place, usually up to 20 families or more, they will immediately organize their own societies, elected leaders of their communities to coordinate the relationship, and to manage and assist in education, work, marriage and even birth and death of all activities.

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