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Pudacuo National Park

 Shangri-La Attractions

The park is 22 kilometers from Shangri-La county seat, this park’s total area is 1,313 square kilometers, of which, 300 square kilometers has been opened out for sight-seeing. This park is in possession of well-conserved landscape resources such as geology and geomorphology, lake and wetland, forest meadow, valley and rivulet, as well as rare wildlife animals and plants, mainly consisting of three scenic spots( “altiplano faery” – Shudu Lake, ”Buddha-eye meadow” – Mili Tangya Alpine Meadow, and “plateau bright pearl” – Bita Lake). 

“ Puda” is transliterated from Sanskrit, meaning “boat”, “Cuo” is Tibetan, meaning ”Lake”. “Pudacuo” is translated as “The boat and lake by which bringing salvation to all living things, arriving at the other shore of ideality”. It’s earliest recorded in written document of Tibetan Buddhism Quying Duojie Memoirist of the 10th Maha Siddha of Gamaba Living Buddha (1604- 1674), which has the same meaning with the “Buda” in “Buda La Palace” and “Putuo” in the “Putuo Hills”.

Approaching into Pudacuo, you just walk into a holy world full of dreamy seasonal scenery and mysterious Tibetan culture in harmony, which alternates and unpredictable wonderland or realistic fairy-tale world naturally. The spring of plateau comes late in May and June, azalea flower throughout the park, the aroma spreads everywhere. Breeze waves, flowers gently swing their waists, which looks like the elegant maiden shall get married.

In July to September, the fading of azalea welcome the wild flowers’ going upon the stage. The summer falls, it’s not hot with heat wave in the park, on the contrary late spring still stands its lust. The alpine meadow becomes a piece of multi-colored Tibetan felt dotted with various wild flowers, with yaks, goats and coursers galloping and curveting freely and delightedly.

In October to November, the park comes into the embrace of autumn, Overlooking beyond the park, fine weather with high sky, mirror like lake with clear water, woods in golden and red coat, visitors may relax themselves on the scoop.

When winter falls, the park is dressed up in silver, with stout salicaceae standing weather against frost. The lake is veil in mist with changeable scenes; for view of the fairyland, It is just like that.

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