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Bita Lake

 Shangri-La Attractions

Located about 32 kilometers away from Shangri-La in the northwest Yunnan, Bita Lake is regarded as the Pearl on Plateau with the altitude of 3538 meters. It is the highest lake in Yunnan province. Bita Lake in Tibetan means the lake of peace and tranquility. Embraced by luxuriant trees and green mountains, Bita Lake is an emerald, looking glamorous and magnificent under the sunlight.

Bita Lake is a place with abundant natural resources and rich cultural connotations. There is a beautiful legend saying like that that Bita Lake is the most gorgeous piece of mirror with an emerald that is broken by a goddess in Heaven. A wonderful attraction around Bita Lake is the Tibetan folklore, the primeval forest, the highland meadow, and the highland flowers and plants.

Without any pollutions, Bita Lake best preserved the fish resources. From May till July, when the azalea falling from the trees with the wind, petals float on the water, attracting plenty of fish. As a result, special scenery of Fish Drunk in Azalea is well renowned.

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