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Luohu Commercial City

 Shenzhen Attractions

Luohu Commercial City contains thousands of shops and you are encouraged to bargain in every one of them. Be prepared for crowds and over-enthusiastic shopkeepers.

Here you can buy anything from bags and suitcases, electronic goods, clothing, sporting goods, wigs, make-up, jewelry and watches to Chinese tea, stone carvings and crystals. Quality can vary from the excellent to fairly shoddy.

Under Luohu Commercial City is the Luohu Inter-city Bus Terminal,there are buses to locations in Guangdong and Fujian provinces and a shuttle to Shenzhen Airport is also available in the Bus Terminal.

On the north side of Luohu Commercial Center there is a bus station for intra-city buses and mini-buses. Immediately to the west is the Luohu Station of the Shenzhen Metro. Taxis are also available at a special taxi stand location below the intra-city bus station.

Luohu Commercial City Tour
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Tour to visit Luohu Commercial City.

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