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Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve

 Shenzhen Attractions

Thousands of migratory birds have begun heading for the Futian National Mangrove and Birdlife Nature Reserve in Shenzhen, livening up the otherwise serene area.

Located near the southern end of Futian district and covering a total area of 367.6 hectares, the reserve is adjacent to Hongkong's Mai Po Natural Reserve and it attracts lots of birds from the north in winter. The reserve is a stopover for about 400 000 migrant birds of 189 species on their way either south to Australia or north to Siberia each year.

Set up as a provincial reserve in October 1984, the reserve was recognized as a state natural reserve by the State Council in 1988. It is part of Guangdong inner Lingding Islands and Futian National Nature Reserve. As the only reserve located in an urban district in China, the site of red mangrove has become one of the Shenzhen's landmark.

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