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Su Causeway

 Hangzhou Attractions

The Su Causeway is the longest series of bridges crossing over Hangzhou's West Lake.The 3 km long Su Causeway is named after the famous personality who constructed it -the poet Su Dongpo of the Northern Song Dynasty, who was a onetime governor of Hangzhou. Su Causeway is now a beautiful tourist attraction of Hangzhou. It looks magnificent at different points in the whole year, but it surpasses itself in beauty when spring comes to Hangzhou.

There is a story about the Su Causeway Hangzhou. In the beginning of Song Dynasty's Yuanyou era (1086-1094), a great poet, Su Shi (also known as Su Dongpo), came to Hangzhou as governor. By that time, the farmers suffered drought again, due to overgrowth of the weeds at the bottom of the lake clogging the irrigation ducts. He ordered dredging of the lake and piled up all the mud into another causeway, in the style of Bai Causeway, but much wider and nearly three times as long, he also planted willow trees along its banks. This causeway was later named after him as the Su Causeway. There are six bridges along the 2.6 km Su Causeway.

The causeway cross the west lake from Nanping Road to the "lotus in the Breeze Quyuan Garden".It consists of six beautiful bridges with trees and flowers along the way.The green lights will illuminate the the causeway in the evenings,many Chinese couples walk along the promenade which is very romantic. 

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