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Sugong Pagoda

 Turpan Attractions

The sugong pagoda is also known as the ermin pagoda, it is located 2 km south east of Turpan on an open field. The pagoda is a round cone shaped tower built with a grayish yellow brick, the tower is simple yet clean. There are 14 different shapes around this cone shaped structure, very attractive. The inside of the tower is more fascinating, as there is no beam supporting the tower it self, instead there is a 72 step spiral staircase acting as its support, it does not just support the tower it self, but also enables people to climb the pagoda. This is under the condition of the lack of wood materials, the engineers of Turpan’s creation of a structure filled with Islamic style.

Under the tower is a mosque which is still in use at present. It is large and hollow and is a place with many unique details. It has a ceremony hall which can hold more that thousands of people, and arc roof, beautiful, horse shoe shaped peak. Many art works on the wall, and narrow corridors. Islamic style of architecture is shown everywhere. At the base of the pagoda there is a monument recording the originality of the pagoda.

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