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The Manchuria Puppet Eight Ministry

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to The Manchuria Puppet Eight Ministry (伪满洲八大部)

The Manchuria Puppet Eight Ministry is located in Xinmin Avenue of Changchun and was built in 1936. The buildings of each department are not the same, which stands for western style. Nowadays, they have been converted into colleges, schools and research institutes.You should not miss this spot during your Changchun travel.

The Eight Ministry is the eight administrative machinery which is under the control of the Puppet Manchuria, i.e. Military Department, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communications, Agriculture department, Ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of People's livelihood.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The old building,located on No. 1122,Street construction, is the former location of Manchukuo Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The building is brick with the main two-story and basement.It cover an area of 9,700 square meters.The main entrance to the tall and majestic is like the ancient city gate.The entire architecture is castle-like building with Western architectural features.Designed and constructed by the French Pulashimo company,the building is now the focus of municipal cultural relics protection units.

Military Department
Located on the Xinmin Avenue, the site now is a subsidiary of Jilin University, Bethune First Clinical College of Medicine.The building was constructed in 1935, the entire building flat eight-shaped, reinforced concrete frame structure, foyer supported by the four square columns, foyer walls are ocher-colored natural marble, granite canopy platform with railings.Dark brown tile veneer, roof and wooden eaves adopt green glazed tile decoration.Body at the top with ethnic-style architecture, and some relief decoration.

This building was originally four layers, in 1970 and then a layer. Covers an area of 53,850 square meters.GFA of 47,802 square meters. Currently the focus of municipal cultural relics protection units.

Ministry of Justice
Located on No. 6,Xinmin Street, built in 1935,the buliding now is the Bethune Medical Department of Jilin University.The whole building cross-shaped, reinforced concrete structure.

Main entrance of the West, the main three, basement, built in the middle of the tower, the tower of three. Tower bottom is arched windows, two, three for the bar window. The upper part of the main building with Xieshan, horsetail, eaves. Large light and spacious hall, foyer front, on each side by a three cylinder is L-shaped arrangement, inch shed treasure blue upper with sulfur glass tile decoration, single city side rails. The first layer is the main building arched windows.He used the entire building stone color tile veneer. Central part of the body above the third, with the white tile veneer. Tower, roof and eaves are decorated treasure blue glass tile.Total construction area of 16,328 square meters.

Ministry of education
Located in the NO.10 ,Free road, the site is now Northeast Normal Primary School.The building was originally two buildings, the main entrance of the north, reinforced concrete structure, no other outbuildings.Covers an area of 10,000 square meters. 1938 was built. Puppet Ministry is primarily responsible for managing cultural and educational, religious, social education, and ideological and cultural domination.

Agriculture department
Located on the NO.8,free road,the site is now Northeast Normal University Affiliated High School.The building is two-story building, the main entrance of the north, reinforced concrete structure, construction area of 9871 square meters.Sinon, the predecessor of the Ministry of pseudo-pseudo Ministry of Industry and Industry.

Ministry of People's livelihood
Located on the 77 Main Street,the site is now the Province Petrochemical Design Institute.The building was built in 1937. The whole building was flat F fonts, reinforced concrete structure, two-story main building, ground floor, main entrance east.

There are six steps in five columns supporting the cornice, cornice and hipped roof Room with a mezzanine.In the middle four cylinder rear, upper part of the door canopies Banpo do embellishment.The second floor all for arched windows in a second floor window between the double column reliefs. Currently the focus of municipal cultural relics protection units.

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Located on the 5th,Xinmin Street, the site is now currently Jilin University Bethune Medical Department of the Third Affiliated Clinical Medical College.The building was built in 1935, the entire building plane was F fonts. Reinforced concrete structure.The main building is five, the two wings is brown tile veneer sloping roof and eaves decorated with dark sulfur glass tile. Covers an area of 43,200 square meters. Currently the focus of municipal cultural relics protection units.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Nearby Xinmin Street of Changchun City Center, Jilin Province

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Relics of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Military Department, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of education, Agriculture department, Ministry of People's livelihood and Ministry of Economic Affairs

Shanhaiguan Great Wall 

Travel Information

Opening Hours: 8:00am~6:00pm

Admission Fee: 15 yuan

Visiting Time: 1~2 hours

Best Time to Visit: spring, summer and autumn

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Take bus 255, 276 from Changchun downtown to Jiefang Main Road Station.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

Lots of bus services are available to this area from Changchun city so you do not need to worry about the transportation issue.

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