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The Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen Mansion

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion (大元帅府)

The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion is a famous historical site in Guangzhou and it is one of the major sites specialized in commemorating Sun Yat-sen.

This museum was constructed based on the site of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s former mansion, which was originally the Guangzhou Cement Factory and later was named the Generalissimo’s Mansion when Sun Yat-sen established democratic goverments here in 1971 and 1923 respectively. It was announced as a national protected key relic by the State Council in 1996.

The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion occupies an area of 8,020 square meters. It is consisted of two main buildings, the North Building and South Building, the two squares of East and West, and also the gate tower. The two main buildings are in the beautiful Victorian styles while there are also architectural features of Lingnan-style blended into the construction.

Sun Yat-sen made many crucial decision at the mansion. The Generalissimo’s Mansion was one of the major historical site to get to know more about Sun Yat-sen as well as the history of Guangzhou in the revolutionary era. There are displays and photos to help tourists know more about Sun Yat-sen and the history during his times. A series of exhibitions including the replica exhibition of “One Hundred Years of Generalissimo’s Mansion, Sun Yat-sen Establishing Government Three Times in Guangzhou, Celebrities in Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion, are held regularly in the Mansion.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Address: No.18 Dongsha Street, Fangzhi RoadHaizhu District, Guangzhou

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Photos & archives about Sun Yat-sen's three regimes established in Guangzhou. 

Shanhaiguan Great Wall 

Travel Information

Admission: Free

Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 5:30PM (Closed on Modays)

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


1. Take bus 8, 11, 24, 121, 121A, 131A, 131B, 182, and B21, get off at Generalissimo’s Mansion Station.

2. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Shi Ergong Station.


Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

1. Try to avoid visiting The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion during Golden Week and summer holidays where the crowds and number of visitors will be substantially higher than usual.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

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