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Thousand Lake Mountain

 Shangri-La Attractions

Thousand Lake Mountain is fantastic camping area with an amazing view of Haba and Yulong Mountain. The mountain is dotted with cool alpine lakes. Although it's not known for sure, the iIt is estimated to be more than 100 lakes, the most famous lakes to visit are Ancient Blue Sky Pond and Three Blue Seas.

Thousand Lake Mountain scenic area is unique and has a distinct alpine eco-system which iss still intact. The meadows are filled with Cuckoo birds and a fir tree forest. There are rare bird species such as the Yellow Cuckoo, Black Neck Cranes and other precious plants and species.

As autumn approaches each year, the cows and sheep sense the change in season and begin to move down from the mountains to the lower land. The Maple and Bigcone Spruce trees gradually change colors transforming the mountain into a colorful wonderland. During this season birds will migrate and even the bears of the forest will be preparing for hibernation.

In November the first snow fall will cover the mountains, the azalea buds will be patiently awaiting the arrival of spring to blossom. The Thousand Lakes Mountain will be silent with the snow covering the grasslands and lakes for the entire winter.


Thousand Lakes Mountain is about 50 kilometers from Shangri-La. If you’re travelling in a group then hiring a car will cost approximately 400RMB.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit Thousand Lake Mountain is during autumn. Between September and November is the season to see the amazing autumn scenery.


Entrance fee is 20RMB. It is compulsory that you pay 100-160RMB to a local villager to be your tour guide. 

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