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Tianlong Ancient Town

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Tianlong Ancient Town (天龙屯堡古镇)

Tianlong Ancient Town, known as Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town, is situated in the west of Guizhou province and is about 72 kilometers west of Guiyang city. Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town used to be an outpost position of the Ming Dynasty where once the first emperor of the dynasty Zhu Yuanzhan had stationed his soldiers here and built many stone barracks because of war reasons.

Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town is famous as an ancient stone town as stones are the main materials in this town. People there living in houses constructed of stones, walking on the road built of stones, seeing and touching things made from stones. Walls, foundations, watchtowers, crenels, even daily utensils are made from stones. Stones have been an important part of the local Tianlong culture.

This ancient Tianlong Tunpu town is not only ancient in the architectures, but mainly presented at their cultures and customs. People living there still remain a simple and peculiar army-style way of life. They speak with their unique accents, they eat food with army flavor, and they dress in the Ming style. Traditional costumes of women are with long blue robes with large sleeves and embroidered shoes. Tianlong Tunpu people try their effort to keep their cultures and civilizations, and have made great contribution for the study of Ming Dynasty.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Travel Avenue, Tianlong Town, Pingba County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Information

Admission Fee: entrance ticket: RMB 30; the town pass: RMB 60
Opening Hours:08:00~18:30
Best Time to Visit: July, August (wet season for Huangguoshu Waterfall)

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Take coach from Jinyang Coach Station in Guiyang to South Pingba Bus Station. Fare: RMB 23. Pingba - Tianlong, Fare: RMB 3.5.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

Better not visiting there during Chinese holidays, for it will be extremely crowded then.


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