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Tianshan Mountain

 Urumqi Attractions

Tianshan Mountain is a large mountain range in central Asia, running through central Xinjiang of China. The snowy peak of Tianshan Moutain-Bogda Peak, is covered with snow all the year round and thus nicknamed “the sea of snow”. It has been on the World Natural Heritage List since June 2013.

There are many famous attractions in Tianshan Mountain,such as the Bogda Peak where having snow all year round, Tianchi where the water is from melting snow and ice and habitat of the best medicine "Tianshan snow lotus".

There are many rare birds and animals in the Tianshan Mountains. This is a natural breeding place for a variety of birds and animals.There are many protected wild animals like Tianshan marmots, argali, snow leopard, Tianshan deer, Tianshan antelope and so on.

Tianshan Mountain is in the northwestern China.The famous heavenly lake is on the mountainside of Bogda Peak. It’s been an important way between China and central and west Asia since ancient times.

Located in the east of Tumur Peak, Muzart river valleys were a key branch of the ancient Silk Road.Vistors can enjoy many historic interest and scenic beauty around Tianchi.

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