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Tianzi Mountain

 Zhangjiajie Attractions

Tianzi Mountain is one the east of Suoxi Valley, south of Zhangjiajie and north of Sangzhi County. Tianzi Mountain is one of the four scenic spots in Wulingyuan and is located on the highest point of the "Golden Triangle", the highest section being 1262.5 meters and lowest point being 534 meters.

The mountain covers an area of 67 square kilometers and a tour line of 45 kilometers. The average temperature is 12℃ with an annual rainfall of 1800mm. The frost-free period lasts about 240 days and a frosty period of 60-80 days. The majority of the scenic spots are formed of quartz stones, belonging to sandstone ground feature which is the same as Suoxiyu Valley and Zhangjiajie.

The 500 meter thick quartzite sandstone has evolved from Neptune rocks that subsided from oceans 380,000,000 years ago and after a long process have been transformed into amazing scenery for those taking a tour to Zhangjiajie. 

Tianzi Mountain is a completely natural scenic area with no man made scenery. The primeval forests, beautiful water scenery all exhibit unique yet special customs, local specialties and delicacies awaiting tourists from all over the world. It’s no surprise that visitors make comments such as: “people who have climbed Tianzi Mountain will not climb any other mountains" and "It cannot be said that you have been to Wulingyuan without reaching Tianzi Mountain".

Visitors can get a closer view of the wonderful peaks by taking a cable car ride. Waterfalls, bridges, stone forests and caves are found throughout the mountains.

Location: Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie
Opening Hours: 7:00AM – 6:00PM  

Adults Entrance Fee: 245 Yuan (additional 3RMB insurance)
Children Entrance Fee: 168 Yuan (not exceeding height of 1.5 meters, under 1.2 meters enter free)
Cable Car: 67 Yuan (Single Journey) 138 Yuan (Return Journey) 

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