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Grape Valley

 Turpan Attractions

The Grape valley is North east 15km from Turpan. It is a valley area on the west in the mountain of flames. It is famous for its production of grapes. The Grape valley has a length of 8km from North to South, width of half a kilometer. This area has water flowing from the snowy peaks. Although there is no vegetations on the sides of the valley, the valley itself has countless greenery. Grape racks, flowing water, new buildings, a magnificent view.

Due to the moist air, the climate is cool and comfortable, so it is a great place for a summer resort. Walking into the grape valley is like going into a land of coolness. Look up, you see the countless racks with fat and watery grapes hanging there. Walking in this long pavilion of green grapes, makes you have an urge of grabbing one and start enjoying the sweetness of the grapes.

According to ancient accounts, the grape valley had been a place for grape farming for thousands of years. At present, there are wine factories nearby, using local resources producing grape wine, grape cans and other products.

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