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The Sunday Bazaar

 Urumqi Attractions

If you are going to tour Kashgar, you should not miss the large and unique Sunday Market. Karshgar has seven markets per week.

Kashgar has the best Sunday market in the world.It is different for the remote area.The reason why the market attracts such large number people is not only the product sold here full of exotic,but also this is the only place where you can buy things even it covers an area equivalent to the entire region of Western Europe.

The goods is hardly packaged or decorated.The food is sell by the heap,sometimes with sacks. The meat is sold with live cattle.The practicability of the fabrics is most important, beautiful on the second.

The only place with a big space is horse trading market.It is not because this commodity trading unwelcome,but there is a need to make room for a test drive.

All tourism market sell something similar on the world, because of that, the Kashgar bazaar is especially distinctive.

The city is prosperity by global trade in the past.But now it seems to be the most detached place with global trade.In this place, buying a horse is easier than buying a car and fertilizer is more popular than Nike shoes. 

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