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Urumqi International Bazaar

 Urumqi Attractions

Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, Urumqi International Bazaar can be rated as the first bazaar in the world.It is also called as "International Grand Bazaar Urumqi". Urumqi International Bazaar is one of the ten most famous sights of the city and it attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Featured by strong ethnic flavor and local customs, Urumqi International Bazaar is a general commercial center combining shopping, entertainment and dining together. When the night falls on, Urumqi Great Bazaar will receive the most prosperous period in the whole day. As a market, the bazaar offers a large variety of commodities including tourist souvenirs. Tourists can also enjoy local performances in the banqueting hall.

Urumqi International Bazaar was selected as "Top Ten Architecture" in Urumqi with strong Islamic architectural style. It reflects the bustling of the ancient Silk Road with rich Western national characteristics and regional culture.

Urumqi International Bazaar has opened the passenger train to famous tourist attractions and established a loose alliance with major international agencies and four-star hotel in Xinjiang and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Xinjiang mainly airlines.

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