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Viewing Fish at flower harbor

 Hangzhou Attractions

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, or Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, is one of the 10 scenes of West Lake. Featured with flower harbor, red carps, flowers, lawn and forests, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities for tourists visiting the West Lake.

The history of Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor can be dated Southern Song Dynasty when a private garden called Lu Garden was built by the government official Lu Yusheng and since then this beautiful scene was known as Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor.

Flower Harbor is located in the south of Su Causeway at southwest part of West Lake. It covers an area of 20 hectare and is consisted the 5 parts of Red Carp Pond, Peony Garden, Flower Harbor, Great Lawn, and the Dense Woods. The Red Carp Pond is the highlight of Flower Harbor where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of swarms of lively red carps standing on the bridge and also have great fun feeding them. At the Peony Garden there are planting a large number of peony flowers of different species. April and May are the best time to appreciate the peony flowers.

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