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White Horse Temple

 Luoyang Attractions

Situated in Baimasi Town of Luoyang, it is a national AAAA tourism zone and the first ancient temple in China.White horse temple Luoyang is one of fanmous luoyang attractions.

It was first built in 68, the 11th year of the Yongping reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). From then, Buddhism was introduced to the East. Soon afterwards, Buddhism became a major religion of China, and was later spread to Japan and Korea. If we trace the origin, the meritorious service of the white horse that carried scriptures to China should be remembered forever.

As a world-renowned Buddhist monastery, the White Horse Temple is respectfully regarded as the “cradle of Chinese Buddhism”, which ranks first in the following 10 aspects:

It is the first ancient temple in China; the Qiyuan Pagoda is the first ancient pagoda in the country; the monks of the temple took the lead in the country in going to the West for Buddhist scriptures in the Yongping reign of Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty;

Kasyapamatanga and Dharmaranya were the first two monks who came from Indian to China to preach Buddhism; the temple has the first pattra-leaf scripture introduced to China; the Qingliang Terrace in the temple was the first site for eminent monks to translate and lecture on Buddhist scriptures; the Forty-Two Chapter Sutra is the first scripture in the Chinese language;

Mahasaugha Vinaya in Chinese is the first commandments and rules; the White Horse Temple is the first place for preaching Buddhist doctrines; and Zhu Shixing was the first Han people who left home and became a monk. The statues of Trikala Buddhas (Buddhas of the Past, the Present and the Future), 18 arhats and two heavenly guardians in the Grand Hall are a group of valuable Buddhist cultural relics.

Address: Baima Si Lu, Luoyang
Opening hours: 7:30AM to 5:30PM
Admission: 35 Yuan 

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