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Wuyuan Likeng Village

 Shangrao Attractions

Likeng Valley is an ancient villages mainly inhabited with villager whose last name is Lee. 12 km from the city of Wuyuan County. Likeng's architectural style is unique, it's a kind of Huizhou architecture, quiet and peaceful. Many talented people were born here. During Song and Qing Dynasty, there were hundred of official and millionaire.

The Village surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery. Throughout the ancient village, Ming and Qing residential houses built along the creek, mountains standing beside the building, white wall and black tile house scattered among the trees.

Stream across through the village streets; quartzite road criss-cross, dozens of stone, wood and brick bridges connecting both shores, the whole view build up a beautiful picture of old bridge, clean water and people, it is a bright pearl in Wuyuan. 

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