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Wuyuan Wangkou Village

 Shangrao Attractions

Wangkou Village, located in the northeast of Wuyuan, it is a Huizhou ancient village that people lived here with last name Yu. Wangkou Village is surrounded by mountains and water. The beautiful scenery and landscapes here influenced many talented mind. 
In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wangkou is an important material distribution center of Huizhou commercia. Wang Kou business is very prosperous, many shops and merchants were open here. It was the important water commercial port of northeastern town of Wuyuan Huizhou and southeast regional commercial center.

The bustling now have gone away, only the beautiful and quaint village left. Ancient forests, ancient quay, the ancient commercial street still looks like the way it hundreds years ago. Official, commercial house, shrine house scattered in anocient village are well-preserved, still retains the Ming and Qing Dynasties the historic character, rich historical and cultural heritage and deep cultural origins emblem.

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