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Wupai River Rafting

 Yangshuo Attractions

Wupai River is located the north of Ziyuan county, Guilin city. The river flows through three ethnic townships including Chetian, Liangshui, Hekou, with a length of 51.03km, and a natural drop of 1310m.

Wupai River Rafting is known for its dangerous stream, odd stone, deep forest, beautiful waterfall, along with steep mountains and Miao ethnic cottage. The air and water quality in the Wupai River rafting resort has reached the national standard, and it is the perfect place to relaxing and ecotourism holiday, attracting attracts thousands of tourists, as well as the officials and experts of State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center. 

Wupai River is also named as Xunjiang River, it’s the second biggest river in Ziyuan County (The biggest one is Zijiang River). It is regarded as “hukou of yellow river in guilin” “tiger-jumping gorge”. It is famous for its “dangerous water, strang stones, countless forests, excellent waterfall”. about 30km length of rafting with over 200 meters falling head, wupaihe river has no underground river and swirl, the drop height of rafting section is less than 2 meters, which is exciting and safe at the same time. Therefore wupaihe river is suitable both for public rafting and training athlete.

1. The tour is not suitable for those who suffer from hypertension and pregnant women, children under 14 years old and old people over 60.
2. You will get wet during the drift, prepare clothes for change or you can wear rain coat
3. best rafting time: May- October

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