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Yongding Tulou Cluster

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Spread all over Yongding County, earth buildings are civilian residences of the Hakka in mountain village. They enjoy a high popularity because of long history, unique style, large scale and exquisite structures. There are two types of earth building: round and square. 

Yongding County has 360 round earth buildings and over 4,000 square earth building has two to three stories; and round earth buildings are the models of the Hakka civilian residence. A round earth building has two to three circles, and each circle is closely linked with another.

The outer circle is more than 10 meters high and has three to four stories, and 100 to 200 rooms. The dining room and kitchen are on the first floor; the warehouse on the second floor; and bedrooms on the third and fourth floor. The two-story inner circle has 30 to 50 rooms, which are mainly used as guestrooms. The Ancestral Hall is in the center, which is the public area for holding the wedding and funeral ceremonies and celebrations. Wells, bathrooms and mills can also be found in the earth building.

The earth building is constructed with rammed earth, without reinforced concrete, and has many functions, such as earthquake-resistance, fireproof and defense, plus good ventilation and natural lighting, which are cool in summers and warm in winters. Many earth buildings are designed according to the Eight Diagrams, and Zhencheng Building is a typical example. 

Out of the 10 tulous or tulous clusters inscribed on the World Heritage List (as Fujian Tulou), 5 are within Yongding County:

Chuxi Tulou cluster, in Chuxi Village.
Chengqi Lou and adjacent buildings (the Gaobei tulou cluster), in Gaobei Village of Gaotou Township.
Hongkeng Tulou cluster including Zhencheng Lou, in Hongkeng village, Hukeng Town.
Nanxi Tulou cluster including Zhenfu Lou, Yanxiang Lou, near Xipian Village, Hukeng Town

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