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Yumen pass

 Dunhuang Attractions

Yumen Pass, is the name of a pass located west of Dunhuang in today's Gansu Province of China. Yumen used to be an important gateway from central China to the Western regions.

Yumen Pass and Yangguan Pass are two crucial passes on the frontier of the Han Dynasty when the Huns invaded Han’s area ceaselessly. The Han rulers soon gave up the cowardly policy which plan to marry the daughters of imperial families to Hun’s leader for temporary peace. Instead he launched fierce counterattack on a large scale. After the Hun’s troops were defeated, the emperor set up the Yumen Pass and Yangguan Pass to strengthen the stability of the western frontier.

Apart from the importance of military, Yumen Pass is also an important trade and diplomatic intercourse. Yumen pass used to serve as a post station which has witnessed the property of business transaction along the Silk Road. Nowadays, Yumen Pass has lost its historical function remains only as a rectangular castle. Climbing to the top of Yumen Pass, you can enjoy the boundless view of the desert. 

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