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Zhenlong Pagoda

 Urumqi Attractions

Zhenlong Pagoda stands on the red hill in Urumqi. Red hill is on the east coast of Urumqi River,like a lying dragon. Redhill is named for its reddish brown color.The mountain is 1.5 km at length, 1 km wide, , the highest point of elevation of 1391 meters, the relative height of about 400 meters.It’s a famous mountain in Urumqi.

Zhenlong Pagoda is a octagonal, nine-storey, brick pagoda which is not very big and cannot be climbed.There is no doors or windows on the pagoda.It was intended as a geomantic omen. The pagoda's lower part is massive and the first three stories are bulky with the pagoda tapers off sharply, making it very steady.

The pagoda has a huge octagonal top looks like it were there to keep the whole pagoda in place.The brick eaves are very narrow, Which means the designer took into consideration the strong winds on top of the hill. 

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