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A Bite of Jiang Nan, China

 2012-12-02    Dimitrina    Food    Shanghai    4665  

Jiang Nan, or Southern Yangtze, not only has beautiful scenery but also rich in natural resources. It has been known as the “land of fish and rice" and “land of plenty” since ancient times. This time to visit Jiangnan indeed impressed me a lot, especially the delicious cuisine. 

Rich Southern Yangtze people devote particular care to eat and drink, and enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad for a long time. The famous Southern Yangtze dishes: Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish, hairy crab, salted duck, JiaoHua chicken and Dongpo's pork, etc. 

Let me introduce some of my favorite as following: 

Shanghai cuisine



Nanjing cuisine - Stinky tofu

Nanjing cuisine

Hangzhou cuisine 
Hangzhou cuisine - Dongpo's pork

Suzhou cuisine - Yangcheng Lake hairy crab


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