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A Bite of Silk Road Part 1 - Xian and Lanzhou Food

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A Silk Road tour not only provides experience of mysterious, cultural, historical and exotic to meet physical and psychological needs, it also has abundant tasty food to satisfy your appetite and stomach. Xi’an food, Lanzhou food and Xinjiang food would make you never stop. Now let’s get a close look at those classic and popular delicious foods along Silk Road.

Xi’an Food

Saozi Noodles
When mentioning Xi’an food, I think Saozi Noodles should be at the top of the list to be mentioned. Flavorful also colorful, Saozi Noodles has been the must taste food when travel Xi’an. The Saozi noodles are made with diced and fired ingredients like carrot, wood ear fungus, tofu, eggs and garlic bolts. This is why you see a bow of colorful noodles with mellow soup.

I think no one would resist the temptation of Roujiamo when in a Xi’an tour. Roujiamo is also called Chinese hamburger as it also has two pieces of baked pancake with meat stuffed between. The meat stuffed between could be pork, mutton and beef. The La Zhi Rou Jia Mo is the one of the most popular Roujiamo with the special gravy and flavor.


Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup
Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup is another kind of unique Xi’an food which has a long history and also very hot among local people and tourists. Fragrant and mellow soup with rich nutritious ingredients and chopped lamb to be cooked, the split the pita bread into pieces and soak them in the lamb soup to cook until all the ingredients have a mixed overflowing fragrant smell and taste. Here is a bow of appetizing soup. Not only savory, the pita bread soaked in lamb soup always gives a refresh feeling.


Lanzhou Food

Sweet Potato Caramel
Sweet Potato Caramel is a must try when coming to Lanzhou, especially for those tourists who have a sweet tooth. Use the local produced potatoes as the ingredient, put the previous fried potatoes into the melted sugar and stir the potatoes until they become connected with sugar and get the golden bright color. Sweet potato caramel has a golden amber color. It is sweet, crispy and delicious, and become very popular.


Starch Noodles
Starch Noodles should be one of the hottest dishes in summer in the area of Gansu Province. It is featured with fresh, sour and spicy. Also starch contains several enzymes that are beneficial to reduce summer heat and whet appetite. This is why starch noodles are the must eat in summer in Lanzhou.


Mutton eaten with hands
As Lanzhou is a city habited many Hui people, beef and mutton are main ingredients for many dishes. And mutton eaten with hands is one of famous beef and mutton dishes. Characterized with light color but original mellow flavor, fresh and tender, fragrant and savory, Mutton eaten with hands is always the must try dish when in Lanzhou.

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