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A Bright & Romantic Date in Shenzhen

 2013-10-22    Starry Wong    Tours    Shenzhen    3533  

         A romantic date is starting from a unique cycling trip at 16:00pm from Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve. The reserve is just beside Binhai Avenue of Futian District, and it is listed as one of the key units for international protection by “International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources”, as well as a nation-level bird sanctuary and a habitat and a mid-way rest place for migrant birds in eastern hemisphere. Along with 18 km reserve coastline, taking 1.5 hours cycling trip, we can enjoy the beautiful landscape connecting with mangrove and water, we can see the amazing whole process of Sunset turning into different colors, and we can even feel the life and love from slight segments among the lovers, friends and families on the peaceful nature stage. There is a famous Chinese verse which can exactly draw out the picture: “A lonely wild duck flies with the sunset clouds, the autumn river mirrors the color of the sky.” Just awesome!   
After the bright cycling trip, here we come to the opposite of the avenue, that’s Shenzhen OCT Harbour (or OCT Bay as the old name), another paradise full of food, bars and entertainment. It’s a brand-new work of OCT Group in China with the theme of “Sea”, covering 1.25 million square meters, consisting of OCT Bay Shopping Mall, Qushui Bay, Coconut Grove Beach, Holiday Apartment and OCT Wetland Park, which are well connected by Xinhu Lake waters, shaping three functional clusters: Theme business, Fashionable entertainment and Healthy life. And today we are going to explore the splendid cuisine in OCT Harbour:

Now firstly we start with the take-away homemade Dark plum juice from Xi Bei Restaurant after the long cycling, then the tasty homemade bowl Yogurt, cool enough! Apart from these, actually this restaurant is also famous for northwest cuisine, like noodles, pancakes and so on.

Or some people would like to have healthy hot Tea after exercise instead of cool drinks, then we can go to The Purple, it’s the combination of Tea House, Restaurant and Art Gallery, distributed into two buildings.

Another relaxed place is called Lady 7, famous for its unique Mocha, Honey toast and Ice-cream waffle as the lovely high tea or maybe evening tea.

If require more, we can even go for a cocktail gathering before dinner, that’s Four Seasons Oysters talking bar, just as its name implies, there are all kinds of oysters throughout the world and the seasons, and it’s perfect to whisper with a glass of good white wine or champagne there.

Come to the main course, we’ll have several options:

1)      Yes Thai restaurant, nice Thai cuisine, it covers three floors, with total four luxury private rooms on 3rd floor, and Mango tapioca pudding is one of the best desserts.

2)      Irattoria Italiana Da Angelo, traditional Italian cuisine, it covers one floor, with 200-person capacity in public area, but food is just good enough.

3)      The Born Korea restaurant, is getting more and more famous in China with many branches, the food serve here is clean, fresh, traditional and very good value for money as well.

4)      Old House, serving traditional Sichun cuisine, it’s famous for the pungent and spicy taste and good brand name.

5)      Queen’s Wharf, famous Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine with Dim Sum and so on.

6)      And there are many other cuisine as well, i.e.: Shang Ben Taiwan Shua Shua Guo hot pot, Yu Sushi restaurant, Jia Yan Chinese restaurant etc.   After the big dinner, of course we shall take a walk, and I must say the nightfall in OCT Harbour is just beautiful, there are fountains with soft lights everywhere, peaceful background music, the nice coconut grove beach, marvelous and romantic atmosphere, it’s a good place to enjoy the night, and end up the date.

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