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A Delightful Journey to Star Island Lake

 2014-04-22    Young    Sights    Guangxi    1483  

Situated in the northwest of Hepu County in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, The Star-Island Lake became famous worldwide for its crystal clear waters, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks. The 1026 islets in all shapes and sizes are like the little shining star scattered over the far-reaching blue lake extending for 600 square kilometers, and it has been known ever since as the Star-Island Lake.

The water in the Star-Island Lake is cool in summer and warm in winter which brings an irresistible temptation to you. Since that it tastes both mellow and sweet, the water is ideal drinking water for human beings and animals alike and is also suitable for irrigation aims.

The surface of the lake is of high width, and the channel is in deep elegant seclusion. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Star-Island Lake has lots of fishing-smacks and coasting boats floating over it, some of them even retain the fantastic fashion of ancient galleys. The still water of the lake that is as clear as a bright mirror perfectly reflected the shapely figure of the mountain. The natural beauty of lakes and mountains adds radiance and beauty to each other. Many of the trees stretched so far forwards as almost to blend the water with the shore, when viewed from a little distance.

Here the birds sing and flowers give force their fragrance, and flowers compete in splendor. Visitor could watch the river flow past and drift away in the woods. The lake, islands and hills are coexistence and co-prosperity. The superb scenery of different style and the nostalgic emotion recalling ancient times arouse the people's living interest. The Star-Island Lake is one provincial-level tourist holiday zone that combines natural landscape and classical architectures. It's a lovely lake, a celestial smile had now been thrown over it, swaying in the breeze is exuding the ripple.

One famous and favorite haunt for tourists hiding under the green mountains and proliferating plants is the great "Waterside City." It's also the outdoor scene of shooting a television show of "Water Margin." Perhaps one of the most important tourist sites is Waterside City. It has always been opened to a great number of foreign and domestic tourists. The Star-Island Lake tourist area and the "Silver Beach of Beihai" exploit their own particular advantages for mutual benefit. It is a bright pearl in the charming golden travel line in Beihai.

There're many scenery spots available in the Star-Island Lake. Scenic spots of national level include Zhongyi Hall (Loyal-Righteous Hall), the Liangshan Stockaded Village and streets of Suzhou and Hangzhou. It's a delightful experience to wander in the streets of Suzhou and Hangzhou with a restful and old-fashioned style.

Farm tourism plays a unique and remarkable role on the whole trip of travelling the Star-Island Lake. Here the visitors could view farmer's site and enjoy farmer's happiness so as to experience rustic life. Let the visitors enter and caress this green world of the sunny day. It's the sea covered with flowers and fruits. 

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