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A Pleasant Trip to Taihu Lake

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When it comes to WuXi city, the first that comes to our mind is Tai Lake. According to historical records, the total area of Taihu Lake is 2,400 square kilometers in east China, which makes it become a major source of drinking water for people living in Shanghai and east China's Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Precisely because of this, the Taihu Lake has become the third largest freshwater lake in China.

There're about 48 islets around the lake in various forms, large or small. Out of all the islets, Turtle Head Islet is the best location to view the beautiful Taihu Lake. You could view the mists and waves stretch out as far as the eye can see. Here quaint and fanciful little buildings, man-made gardens and pavilions stand in the midst of luxuriant trees. You could enjoy a distant view of the lake and hills from here. Here you could casually take pictures of the reflection of the clear blue sky in the clear blue Lake of Heaven or go rowing on the placid waters having a great delight in at your leisure the beautiful scenery all around.

After marching smartly into the park, you could not see that very clearly the sight of the Taihu Lake, until you precede with your steps into a high stone step after taking long walks, suddenly, a magnificent view of the Taihu Lake came into view. There're lots of garden constructions in the park, which are distinguished by the way that the hills and waters are arranged with perfect harmony and refined elegance.

What is known as Li Lake is another famous scenic site, which is also referred to as Five-li Lake. Soon after you saw the Li Lake above the line of the Taihu Lake, you would see the Li Garden. Both of them got its name because of one famous historical figure Fan Li. The story is going about that Fan Li and Xi Shi help Gou Jian inflicted on the latter a crushing defeat, both of them go boating on the Five-li Lake, they steer the boat on Five-li Lake as fascinated with the surrounding landscape. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most touching stories that I have ever read, which would add a touch of sorcery to the Taihu Lake. However, the folk tale reflects the people's fond memories and wishes for two love-birds. They have also added a romantic and mysterious feeling to the Five-li Lake and made sightseeing definitely well-worth exploring.

As to the Li Garden, it's said that the integral layout is divided into two parts, one part is the Taihu Lake rocks that could accumulate to form a rockery, and the other is consisted of a thousand-step corridor and a long bank. Each year millions of travelers come to enjoy Taihu Lake's beauty and explore its charming constructions by its reputation. Taihu Lake will offer the tourists a very romantic and wonderful tour. You'd purity your heart at a spiritual retreat that encourages meditation at Taihu Lake.

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