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A Tour in Mangrove Forest at the Shenzhen Bay

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The Mangrove Forest at the Shenzhen Bay is the smallest nature conservation in China. There are groups of marine woody plants with reddish trunks, including some rare kinds of trees, such as Excoecaria agallocha, Bruguiear gymnorrhiza and Kandelia candel.

Besides, it is a national conversation for birds where at least 100,000 of migratory birds from the Eastern Hemisphere will take a rest. The landscape is mostly flat and open with sorts of natural scenery of marsh, shallow waters and forest trees. Being there, you will see tens of birds flying with the sunset as well as the waters and skies merge in one color.

As for entertainment, you have a choice of cycling with a bike built for two even three along the coastline which leads to the bridge which connects Shenzhen and Hong Kong. My friend and I went there last month. When we arrived there, we were attracted by the beautiful scenery there and we decided to rent a tandem bike. That was the first time for me to ride a bicycle made for two. I felt it a little hard for me to control it when sitting in the front seat, because it is large and heavy. But it seemed quite easy for my friend to handle it. We got on the bike and started our tour.

We stopped now and then to take a lot of pictures of the broad sea, the green and red trees, the lovely birds and the happy tourists there. These pictures are not enough at all to record all these beautiful things unless we keep them in our memory. There are many vendors who sell big and cheap coconuts. When we felt thirsty and tired, we bought one and asked the vendor to put two straws into it. Compared to the cans of coconut juice, this is quite different in flavor. It tastes much fresher with delicate fragrance.

We sat on the big rocks on the coast, listening to the sound of waves and watching the red-crowned cranes sleeping with one leg and their heads under the wings. We enjoyed seeing the elegant pose of the sea gulls with the background of the blue sky. Ships, boats and some bamboo rafts were on the sea near or far. All those made a fantastic picture consisting of the white birds and waves, the blue seawater, the grey outlines of Hong Kong and the green or red plants, which showed up in front of our eyes and sank into our mind.

However, it was really a pity that we didn’t reach the bridge and couldn’t see Hong Kong in a shorter distance because of the bad weather. When we were on the half way, wind began to blow strongly and the day got darker and darker. The rains seemed to pour down in a second. We chose to ride back at once in order not to be trapped in a place where we were not familiar with. Unfortunately, it began to rain cats and dogs. We both got wet through. A funny thing was that we found another two boys were suffering the same as my friend and I. We four, in two groups, seemed to be racing in the heavy rain. How exciting and crazy! Finally, we found a shelter crowned with people and waited for the rain to stop. When the rain was letting up a little, we rode back to return the bike and headed for dinner.

Although it can be said that we had a unlucky experience last time, it cannot be denied that the Mangrove Forest is really a great place for people to go sightseeing and cycling or just go for a walk and picnic. It is said that, the Danish Prins Henrik has visited there and give it a name with “the Green Pearl”. So if you come to Shenzhen, don’t miss it!

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