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A Trip to Find the Ancient Civilization in Modern Zhengzhou

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For the eight ancient capitals in China, how many have you ever visited? It is mostly possible you have been to Beijing, Xi' an. Or you may have enjoyed the beauty of Nanjing. But if you have been to Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang and Shangqiu, it is certain that you have already found the difference of Zhengzhou, as these four cities are all under the administration of Henna Province. If this has not happen yet, here provides you a quick review for a trip to Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, and a famous historic and cultural city in China. As the ancient capital for five dynasties in the ancient times, Zhengzhou has been one of the major birthplaces of Chinese civilization and Chinese nation. Now history has passed, glories have faded away, this city has been represented by modern and international characteristics but still with thick ancient civilized historic and cultural background. So what special to see at Zhengzhou city? Answers are here.

Mount Song and Shaolin Temple

Song Mountain, noted as the "Central Great Mountain", is one of the Five Great Mountains in China. This sacred mountain is one of the typical Taoist mountains in China as well as featured by Buddhist culture. When go to Mount Song, except the normal beautiful landscape of the green mountain, valley, caves, forests, streams and rainfalls, there are rich attractions of places of interest. You can enjoy the one of the earliest Taoist temples of Zhongyue Tmeple, the largest preserved pagoda forest, the Songyang Academy which was one of the four great academies of ancient China. And the most ancient Songyue Temple, the oldest cypress.

And of course do not forget the world famous Shaolin Temple. Located in the south of Mount Song, Shaolin Temple is considered as the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and the birthplace of Chinese Kun Fu. Enjoying the magnificence of the architecture in Shaolin Temple, watching a spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu performance, listening and reading those ancient scriptures, learning some basic Kung Fu moves, and eating the special monk food, this is a complete experience in the Shaolin Temple.

Yellow River Scenic Area

The Yellow River Scenic Area is located northwest, 30 kilometers from Zhengzhou city. This is the right place to learn more about the great Yellow River. There you can enjoy the grand and splendid scenery of the torrential Yellow River, learn from the alongside cultural sites, watch the unique and peculiar natural landscapes where the aboveground river begins and the Losses Plateau ends. This is not only sightseeing, but also a casual educational tour.

Henan Provincial Museum

To learn more about the brilliant civilization in the central plain area, Henan Provincial Museum is a good choice. Numerous valuable cultural relics are delicately displayed there for a civilization educational tour.

Peach Valley Resort

If you happen to travel to Zhengzhou in winter, Peach Valley Resort is a good place to experience an exciting and fun skiing tour at this wonderful ski resort.

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