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A Visual Feast Tour at Beijing 798 Art Zone

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Beijing always has a lot to see and find as long as you have time. After the hot destinations of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Beijing Hutongs, there are still many special and unique sites to be dug out. For example, if you want a casual time, or to get a visual feast to your eyes, to know more about modern arts, or to find some inspirations for your art creation, the 798 Art Zone in Beijing should be the first choice.

Beijing 798 Art Zone, also known as Dahanzi Art District, is located in Dahanzi Zone of Chaoyang District with an occupation of 0.6 square kilometers, expanding from the east of Jiuxianqian Road to the west Beijing-Baotou railway, the north of Jiangtai Road to the south of Jiuxianqiao North Road. The area where 798 Art Zone located used to be the factories and plants for some Chinese factory. But now, after the reconstruction and redecoration of those plants, it become a world-famous artistic and cultural community where houses numerous art galleries, art centers, art workshops, design companies, fashion shops, unique restaurants and bars.

This place first attracted those art organizations because of its large plant area, favorable rent prices, and the freedom for artistic creation. Architectures there are in the practical Bauhaus style which not only provides space for exhibition also privacy for art creation. Some famous organizations like the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and Southern California Institute of Architecture have their centers at the art zone.

If those famous cultural sites like the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven are places to find the essence of traditional Chinese culture, then places like the 798 Art Zone is where to find modern culture and art in Beijing. 798 Art Zone is considered as a symbolic landmark for Beijing City, characterized with modern art and the combination of art and culture.

When walking in 798 Art Zone, you will get a pleasant visual feast by those unique and special artworks. Photos, paintings, sculptures, designs and performance artworks are mainly what to see there. As art has no country boundaries, you will see artworks from various countries displayed there. This is the exhibition center for art and culture in Beijing, you will find many new peculiar artworks or concepts in those free exhibitions. Every door you open, you will find surprises inside.

Someone come here to broaden their vision, some to experience the collision of multi-culture, some to feel the great artistic atmosphere, some to find the new lifestyle and some to collect rare artworks. Whatever your purpose is, you will get a lot there.

When you tour at 798 Art Zone, do not miss some outstanding interesting places like Thinking Hands, 798 Space, 798 Photo Gallery, AT CAFé, VINCENT CAFé, Time Zone 8, Long March Space, Chinese Contemporary, Feng Ling, Ying’s Studio, China Art Seasons, Galleria Continua, 798 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing Commune and many other themed workshops.

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