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A Warm Getaway This Winter to Hong Kong's Repulse Bay

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We finally reach the last month of a year and most cities in China begin to suffer through the chilling days of snowy winter. If you are looking for an ideal resort with pleasant temperature and shining sunshine, then Repulse Bay is a perfect place for you to enjoy a warm getaway. Hurry up, dear friends! Let is begin our winter trip.

The Repulse Bay, renowned as a magnificent bay in Hong Kong, is situated in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. With prosperous dining industry and attractive entertainment, the Repulse Bay has always filled with relaxed and carefree atmosphere, welcoming a lot of visitors from worldwide all year around. As a matter of fact, the history of Repulse Bay can be traced back to about 1840, when the First Opium War happened. At that time, the Repulse Bay was a base used by pirates, which made foreign merchants worry about the safety of goods trading with China. Later the British Fleet repulsed the pirates and this bay gained the name “The Repulse Bay”. And during World War 2, Repulse Bay is regarded as a strategic place with great significance. Since the Repulse Bay Hotel was built, Repulse Bay gradually developed into a hot travelling resort. 

Compared to the extremely cold winter in northern cities, weather in Repulse Bay is always agreeable. The beach is golden and smooth; the sky and sea are cozy and blue. Choose a sunny weekend and lay on the vast beach, you can not only feel the fresh air, but also see the lovely blue seawater lapping the seashore. This carefree macca is so charming and make all the people yearn to have a visit. 


Aquatic activities are rather popular in Repulse Bay since the sea water temperature is between 16 degree and 26 degree around the year. Have you ever image swimming in a 100% safe place with shark prevention facilities and responsible lifeguards? Then Repulse Bay is your perfect natural swimming pool! Clean and safe swimming conditions are available for all kinds of persons no matter you are good at swimming or never swim before. Besides swimming, other activities also prevail here, such as BBQ, sightseeing in lighthouse and sunset-watching. For those who like BBQ, barbecue racks are offered under the shape; and for the romantic young couples, watching sunset together seems awesome. Additionally, Repulse Bay is dotted with award-winning restaurants, luxurious hotels, large supermarkets and yummy cafes. If time is not so pressing, you can spend the whole weekend in Repulse Bay, tasting the delicious HK local food, having a cup of coffee, enjoying the wonderful scenery and shopping in the supermarkets. What an exciting trip!

Travel tips: 1. the admission of Repulse Bay is free for everyone. 2. You can either take a bus or the subway to Repulse Bay. If you decide to go to Repulse Bay by bus, bus No.6, 6A, 6X and 260 can take you there. As for the subway, please get off at Central Station. (Go out of the station to the Exchange Plaza through the Exit A)

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