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A Wonderful Routine for Your Future Travel in Wuhan

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The notion of "Food is the first thing for people." is the most important and essential idea in Chinese Civilization Life. That is why there are many Chinese famous snack streets or alleys.

Wuhan Hubu Alley is the first lane of "Han flavor Snacks" that is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Wuhan, the Free Way in Wuchang. It is 150 meters long and one hundred years old, and the bustling enduring breakfast stands are of 20 years.

Since the year of 2002, the government of Wuchang district has reshaped the lane in the process of building the historical and cultural city. It is positioned in accordance with the "the first lane of Han flavor breakfast ". After years of construction, the lane has developed from the original look, which is 147 meters long and 3 meters wide with12 snacks management alleyways, into a brand new look which consists of the old lane street, Freedom Road and the west of Minzhu Road. Unique feeling of blocks where snacks, leisure sites, shopping centers, entertainment facilities are set as a whole receives more than thousands of tourists to enjoy Han flavor characteristics. All kinds of business, including more than 160 merchants, engaged in the management of more than 170 varieties of snacks.

The unique feeling street of lane of Han flavor is located in Jiefang road and is miles away to the east, facing the vast Yangtze River. To the south is "the first tower of the world—the Yellow Crane Tower", the north is the Red Scenic Area that is a place surrounded by the famous blocks, towers, scene and gourmet paradise, ancient nature's treasures. Now let me help you with the best traveling routine for your future journey.

First, I suggest you getting up early and enjoying the delicious breakfast near you hotel. Then you can take a bus or drive yourself to the Yellow Crane Tower. Next, you just need to go straight, enjoy the sightseeing all around you and breathe the fresh air. When you arrive at the tower, you will be shocked by what you see. And even if you enter the tower, there are more excellent things, such as the history of the rebuilding of the Yellow Crane Tower as time goes by, some wonderful pictures and some handwriting of the great writers.

Second, when you get tired, you can go down the Yellow Crane Tower to the Book of Lane where all kinds of delicious foods are displayed for your enjoyment.

Finally, I recommend you to walk along to the bridge of Yangtze River. The night view of Wuhan is very charming since it can give you a broad sight of Wuhan when you are standing on the bridge.

Maybe you are just feeling tired after a week’s heavy work at the moment, so why not go back to your hotel to have a rest, and immediately get full preparation for a coming journey right now. You will be sure to feel that you are young and full of energy to start an immediate and exciting journey in Wuhan with the traveling routine I provided.

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