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A Wonderful Trip to Baotu Spring

 2014-03-04    Young    Tours    Jinan    2084  

A popular Chinese saying goes like this: springs in Jinan are the best under Heaven in the world. The finest spring under heaven is well-known all over the world. Jinan is well-known for its 72 springs. Baotu Spring is located in Shandong Province scenery beautiful "Quancheng" - Jinan. As a matter of fact, the Baotu Spring is of worldwide fame not only as the first one in Jinan but also as one of the four well-known springs in China. Historical records show that spring-forming in Jinan city is closely linked to physical feature, strata, geological structure and hydro geological condition. The Baotu Spring has become one of the three main famous spots in Shandong Province.

According to historical records, the Baotu Spring goes back more than 2,600 years and has its own characteristics and is precious beyond measure. It's said that drinking from its Baotu Spring is considered to confer health, longevity and success. The fact is that the spring in Jinan has been there from ancient time immemorial. That is exactly why the Baotu Spring is also known as the First Spring under Heaven where the spring is a source of top-quality water well-known in China. It's recorded that the volume of the gushing water here could even reach 1.6 square meters per second. The water is considered to be extremely pure and refreshing. The springs usually ooze out of a rock and played briskly. The water in the Baotu Spring could run as clear as crystal and if you watched casually you could now and then catch a glimpse of fish hovering over the pebbles on the bottom.

The spring in which you can enjoy the scenery with warm spring around you, your heart could immediately become relaxed refreshed allowing you to feel like you are on the fairyland in the world. Even many foreign visitors have exclaimed after touring the place "They are like magnificent nature in heaven, with a thousand and one astonishing scenes. After you enter the courtyard, proceed with your steps into an entrance hall, with painted beams and intricate painted ceiling. There is a public viewing gallery with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Baotu Spring. There is Chinese garden architecture available that is distinguished by the way that the springs, waters, pavilions etc. is arranged with remarkable balance and refined elegance. The boards castle is of quiet elegance and classic beauty.

According to historical literature, the Baotu Spring Park has memorials of Li Kuchan, who is indeed a master in Chinese traditional painting also called ink-and-wash painting. The Baotu Spring Park has become one of the most famous tourist attraction all over the world, which surely synthesizes two significant characteristics of both the south and north parks in China, which make it possible for letting the spring, rocks and culture of landscape garden melt into one another. The springs of the Baotu Spring in numbers are humorous that you had never known before. Without a doubt, this is the most voluptuous scene you have yet looked upon.

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