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A Wonderful Trip to Kuerchu Grand Canyon

 2014-07-29    Young    Tours    Xinjiang    1784  

There's the daedal hand of nature in the Tianshan Mountain, the Kuerchu Grand Canyon is truly a masterpiece that not only leaves endless imagination to people, but also records precious information related to the geological change. Located in the due northern mountain area in the Kuerchu Township, Kuerle City, Kuerchu Grand Canyon celebrated for its majestic steep crags and perpendicular cliffs on either side.

The canyon has an average depth of seven or eight hundred meters. There is range upon range of the great fall of water that seems to stretch to infinity and is thickly carpeted with green trees, which create many large or high waterfalls with hundred-meter high. Some of these waterfalls present an infinite variety of shapes, cascading down from one altitude to another and still another, now separating into lots of slender cascades and now uniting to form one grand plunging waterfall.

Through these mountains, a foot-track on the face of sheer cliffs meandered gently through and leaded to the narrow strips of valley bottom. Standing on the top of the mountain I could obtain a bird's-eye view of the peaceful landscape of the valley. The top of the mountain could provide a beautiful panorama of the valley. This canyon is so deep, I might think to myself, it's hard to imagine it was carved out by rainwater alone.

Here I could enjoy the panorama view of the infinite valley scenery by standing on the top of the mountain. Beads of water splashed down in the deep valleys and sharp precipices, as of beads of bright pearls, spattering on the ground, which would also form one green winding belt lying quietly at the bottom of a valley.

As we go further down the valley the sides became steeper and just see the waterfall cascading down the rocks from about one-hundred meters high, which could easily make a boom reverberating for miles. It is a breathtaking view of spectacular grandeur, like silk curtains dropping perpendicularly down. We just look round and behold near by a pleasant grove of tall and stately trees, the full-blown wild flowers blanketing hill and dale and green growing grass.

Here we could intoxicate our eyes on the beauties of the breathtaking scenery trying desperately to absorb in the vast splendor. When we would lift up our eyes unto the towering mountain ranges with spectacular and eye-catching scenery, the sky abruptly turns into a few hard lines, this is the well-known Kuerchu Grand Canyon.

The best tourist season for touring and sightseeing in Kuerchu Grand Canyon could last from June till July each summer. The air here is really fresh and stirring, and it was great refreshment to our senses under the sheer sunbeams. The exquisite scenery is also pleasing.

We just range our eyes over the scene before us, wherever the eye turned, nothing met it but the mountain slopes that are clothed with rich and varied vegetation, flimsy white clouds in the vast clear skies and the distant murmur of the brook. This delightful scenery touched our hearts deeply. 

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