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A great Buddy Party by the Beach House

 2013-11-18    Starry Wong    Tours    Shenzhen    2017  

Here we go for a great buddy party by the beach house at weekends in Jiaochangwei, Dapeng, Shenzhen City.

Upon arrival in the late afternoon, the first thing you see is that plenty of colorful beach houses spreading along the coastline. Needless to say, a variety of different themes, culture and decoration, makes the trip much more interesting and enjoyable even at the first sight.


Getting closer to the houses, you can even find out some more surprises in the details: the welcome sign, the guitar, the picture wall, the lovely painting, the scrawl, the swing, the light etc----in front of the gate, in the courtyard, at the entrance, in the lobby, inside the room, the garden…wherever you go, there is care and love.


In the popular and bright music, you buddies love to take lots of funny pictures with strange poses here and there throughout each corner of the house, and you can play cards on the sofa in the coffee shop in the lobby, or play guitar catching up the melody of the background music, or take the interesting “Guessing Game” across the corridor, or play the “Killer Game” in the rooms, then just enjoy the delicious barbecue dinner in the courtyard. Naturally, it makes a nice beginning of Buddy Party----warm, sweet, affecting and inspiring!

After the BBQ dinner, let’s go and see a funny comedy movie “Hangover 3” on screen in the courtyard, laughing a lot with buddies in such cool and relaxing evening.


Of course it is less than the end, for foodies there is always the specialty exploration for each single tour. Just outside the door, there are so many food stalls and bars along the beach, spreading the color and the charm of the night.


Early in the morning, when the birds wake you up, when the sea wind knocks at the window, you’ll find out another fresh and bright day here. Let’s go then.

Just next door of the beach houses, you can rent a bicycle and take a slow ride along the beach, against the soft sunshine, with the wind blowing on your face, feeling the peaceful village life, what a beautiful day! And you can stop by any nice stores along the beach for ice-cream, coconut drink and café. Followed by you guys can select one nice local seafood restaurant by the beach to have a big lunch to end up the pleasant trip.



Actually the beach houses are rebuilt from rough farmer rooms, as a result, compared with those hotels by beach, the cost of accommodation here is much cheaper even in weekends, it charges around RMB250-350 per room per night including very simple set Chinese breakfast.

1) Share the Mood:

They got total three branches, and No.2 branch is facing the sea and shall be the best one for decoration and atmosphere among them, with 11 different themes lovely rooms, i.e. “Angry Pillow”, “Snogged Cactus”, “Hidden Rabbit” etc, while No. 4 branch is the best one for barbecue dinner and movie party with a lovely courtyard.

2) Kitty:
With “Hello Kitty” themes and elements throughout the entire house, you can enjoy the dream world with unlimited imagination as a Princess along with your buddies.

3) Cha Cha Na Li:
With garden art design, pure nature beauty fulfilled the house.

4) Chic No. 8:
Facing the sea, with simple design and delicate elements, the house feels even more bright and rosy.

5) Times Café:

Facing the sea, with green color fulfilled the house, lovely swing in the garden, it looks quite fresh and relaxing by the beach.

Extra Tips

1. For the barbecue dinner, you can buy whatever you want from downtown supermarket and rent the oven or BBQ grill as well as necessary tools from the house owner, the rental charge is around RMB100/oven, RMB50/adding coal/time.
2. The bicycle ride charge at RMB20-40 per hour per bike.
3. The food stalls, ice-cream shops, coffee shops, seafood restaurants along the beach are at normal level of consumption.




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